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Saturday, April 7, 2012

:: I Salute U Prof. K.C Pang! ::

Hello Readers!
 Yesterday, a lecturer in the seminar class invited us to attend a talk delivered by Prof. KC PANG .. I salute him for his experience and of understanding about the business world. K C Pang joined the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2003 and served as a full time faculty member at the School of Business where he teaches senior level International Business and International Marketing courses. In summer 2005, Mr. Pang developed the first Study Abroad in China program and in the fall of 2007, Mr. Pang was appointed as the Director of China Initiatives at the School of Business. In spring 2008, Mr. Pang formed the first International Business Association at UAB. 
Prior to joining UAB, Mr. Pang served as the Executive Vice President-International at Johnson Partners International. In that position, Mr. Pang was responsible for business development and joint-venture partnerships/strategic alliance development, particularly in the industrial/logistics/water treatment construction industry. Mr. Pang has over 20 years experience in strategic planning, business development, strategic partnerships/alliances development, joint-venture partnership development, distribution channel development and product development/marketing in the fields of economic development, construction project management, environment, logistics, and hospitality. For over 20 years Mr. Pang has traveled extensively in Asia-Pacific, and he has traveled to over 25 cities in China.
Mr. Pang was previously with the World Development Federation and he served as the Vice Chairman overseeing the Asia-Pacific region. Representing the World Development Federation, Mr. Pang attended meetings organized by the United Nation Economic & Social Commission in Asia-Pacific, and he also served as the International Advisor to the City of Wuhan in China. While with FedEx, Mr. Pang managed the sales and marketing functions covering 10 countries in Southeast Asia (ASEAN); he managed million dollars sales & marketing budget and served as a member in the senior management team that was responsible for over US$100 millions revenues. In his 20+ years career, Mr. Pang has established extensive network of contacts with high-level government officials and senior corporate executives in the US as well as in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Pang is fluent in English, Mandarin and several Chinese dialects that are widely spoken in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. He also communicates effectively in Bahasa, the national language of Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, Mr. Pang understands the cultures, business environment and political systems in the US as well as in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Pang has held executive positions with World Development Federation, FedEx and Holiday Inns.


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